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Thank you to all who are currently using this site! Updates and fixes will be catalogued here. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for active update announcements. @KHUxTracker

Recently Added Medals:

Here are the latest medals we've added to the tracker. Some medals may still be missing data. Be sure to check the Missing Data Page to help us collect the information we need so the medal can perform to its full capabilities in the calculator!

SN - Stained Glass #6

SN - Stained Glass #5

SN - Stained Glass #4

SN - Stained Glass #3

Pending Issues:

Want to report an error/issue? Feel free to use this form to let me know! Here are some pending issues I'm aware of and currently addressing:

  • Ignore Attribute medals do not inherit PSM buffs when using PVP Enemy. This reflects the bug that is currently happening in-game.
  • Some Keyblade Multiplier Data and Medal Data is missing - visit Missing Data Page to help fill the gaps!

Upcoming Features & Requests:

I'm always looking to improve the use of this calculator beyond its initial release. Here are some plans I have on the horizon for future development:

  • Add JP Skill Names
  • Add Naming options to Album Medals
  • Create Bulk-edit feature for Album
  • Allow for PVP / multi-keyblade editing & calculations
  • Allow for multiple turn calculations
  • And More!

Update Log:

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for active update announcements. @KHUxTracker. Below are past updates I've made to the site. Be sure to check the Menu to see the Release Version and confirm you're using the most up-to-date version of the site! :)

    Version Update: 12.44.19
  • 04/25/19 - Added support for Bad Guy Breaker Keyblade. Fixed Spirit Level 13 x2 Boost appearing at Spirit Level 11.
  • 04/25/19 - Fixed error preventing Extra Attack Trait assignment to Album medals.

  • Version Update: 12.42.18
  • 04/24/19 - Added support for Special Traits, Custom Supernova ordering in calculations, and Supernova DEF Trait usage

  • Version Update: 12.41.17
  • 03/12/19 - Added support for Unlockable Supernovas.
    - Increased Spirit levels to 12 to support +2 Spirit Boosts
    - Added Player Starting Buffs
    - Medal, Extra, and Supernova attacks are now separate views in the Buff Tally
    - Increased Chip Levels to +3000
    - Added option to break out of loading screen on timeout.
    - Fixed minor errors with Buff Tally

  • Version Update: 12.39.14
  • 12/10/18 - Added support for new Supernova abilities (KH3 Kairi and onward). Plus, a Supernova information and customization overhaul! Increased Album Limit to 600 medals.

  • Version Update: 12.38.13
  • 12/06/18 - Added support for +15 buff cap for EN Mode!

  • Version Update: 12.37.13
  • 12/02/18 - Added support for +15 buff cap for JP mode (EN Mode is still restricted to +7 to allow for Global users to still use the site for their calculations until the update occurs). Special thanks to ryugasen for his tedious research for the new multipliers!

  • Version Update: 12.31.12
  • 10/16/18 - Added support to add custom Guilt Increase Bonus to medal search results and a toggle to display correct multipliers for medals that do more damage with one target left. (both of these options are available when displaying/sorting Guilted Multipliers)

  • Version Update: 12.29.11
  • 10/15/18 - Added support for viewing entire range of Guilt Increase multipliers when viewing medals.

  • Version Update: 12.28.11
  • 10/04/18 - Fixed error with Sort filters not showing Max Fixed and Max Guilt Multipliers separately. Fixed error with Copy Medals activating Supernova when copying Sephiroth. Update verbiage for Burst / Nova.

  • Version Update: 12.27.11
  • 09/26/18 - Added support for JP Skill Names in JP Mode.

  • Version Update: 12.26.10
  • 09/25/18 - Added support to blacklist album medals from optimization runs.
  • 09/25/18 - Fixed error with Super Burst not toggling On/Off with Overwrite medals in the same deck.
  • 09/25/18 - Added support for Super Burst / Nova. Changed trait assignment from drag to click actions. Added What-If Optimization feature!

  • Version Update: 12.23.8
  • 09/23/18 - Fixed issue with rarity 7 exclusive medals not loading information in Medal Directory.

  • Version Update: 12.22.8
  • 09/18/18 - Added support for Condition filters.

  • Version Update: 12.21.8
  • 09/17/18 - Added support to sort medal searches by Raw Damage (Max STR x Max Multiplier)
  • 09/17/18 - Fixed error with Calculate button not working. Some other minor fixes.

  • Version Update: 12.19.8
  • 09/16/18 - Fixed error with Defense Down debuffs not being calculated.
  • 09/16/18 - Added support for keyblade levels up to +50. Added milestone keyblade level shortcuts to Keyblade Level panel. Added drop-down shortcut for sorting medals to the top of Sort panel. Removed support for Proud Mode filters in lieu of improved in-game mechanics (ie: optimize button).

  • Version Update: 12.17.7
  • 09/15/18 - Fixed error preventing select users from logging in.
  • 09/15/18 - Fixed error with No Attribute medals inheriting attribute de/buffs.

  • Version Update: 12.15.7
  • 09/06/18 - You can now save fully filtered searches to your account from the sort panel for easy medal grabs!

  • Version Update: 12.14.6
  • 09/03/18 - Fixed error with Optimization feature freezing.

  • Version Update: 12.13.6
  • 09/02/18 - HD Ava [EX+]'s new attribute overwrite ability is now available! Also, buff icons in the view/edit panels now have a much-needed sorting for easier read.

  • Version Update: 12.12.5
  • 08/21/18 - Edit Panel is now 2 columns on desktop view. Added Overwrite and Turn/ATK labels to buff icons on view/edit panels. Fixed errors with Keyblade Levels resetting on keyblade change.

  • Version Update: 12.10.4
  • 08/19/18 - Added PVP enemy to quick select enemy panel.

  • Version Update: 12.9.3
  • 08/18/18 - Changed Max Chips button to +1000 Chips button in edit panel.

  • Version Update: 12.8.3
  • 08/09/18 - Increased Slot Optimization rankings to show top 10 medals instead of top 5.

  • Version Update: 12.7.3
  • 07/18/18 - Added support for Rarity/Type booster mechanics. (Reverse 7*).

  • Version Update: 12.6.2
  • 07/17/18 - Guilt Increased multipliers are now broken out for the medal View Panel. Plus, buff tallies (icons on the left side of the medal) are now available both on the View & Edit Panels for the calculator and album pages!

  • Version Update: 12.5.1
  • 07/09/18 - Introduced fixed defense for Raid Week Boss enemy types.

  • Version Update: 12.4.0
  • 07/08/18 - Fixed error with Ignore Attribute medals not calculating correctly with PVP enemy. Also added note about in-game bug regarding I.A. Medals and PVP to methods page and medal results.

  • Version Update: 12.3.0
  • 07/07/18 - Fixed issue with Enemy Search not loading additional enemies after first search.

  • Version Update: 12.1.0
  • 07/04/18 - New Feature! A De/Buff Tally Panel is available in the damage calculator! Use the new panel to keep track of what de/buffs, spirit buffs, or guilt boosts you have - or what you’re missing!
  • 07/04/18 - Brand new damage formula has been integrated into the damage calculator! Customize your enemy defense and accurately track your damage output with the new Enemy Options panel! Special thanks to ryugasen for his collaboration and auditing of the new method and to both ryugasen and Myxas_ for their hard work in researching this formula!

  • Version Update: 11.1.0
  • 06/11/18 - Buffs were updated in Global! I've dynamically updated all multipliers, but there may be inconsistencies with EN/JP different medals (like Maui) because the buff totals were added to the JP figures and given to 7* global medals. These will be corrected manually asap!

  • Version Update: 11.1.0
  • 06/08/18 - Fixed error with missing medals not appearing on Missing Data page.
  • 06/08/18 - Added support for Keyblade Subslots
  • 06/08/18 - Soft release of 7* + Subslot support.

  • Version Update: 10.3.2
  • 06/02/18 - New 7* Medals are now being collected on Missing Data page!

  • Version Update: 10.2.1
  • 05/21/18 - Fixed error with edit panel not opening for loaded decks for medals missing traits.

  • Version Update: 10.1.1
  • 05/19/18 - Fixed error with public albums prompting guests to login/register in order to sort/search. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • Version Update: 10.0.1
  • 05/18/18 - Adjusted some minor UI styles.

  • Version Update: 10.0.0
  • 05/17/18 - You can now add medals directly from your album page and edit on the fly! Edit even faster with the new Drag and Drop Trait section! PLUS! You can now sort other user's public albums!

  • Version Update: 9.4.3
  • 04/28/18 - Fixed error with medals with 'Gauges Full' power-ups not calculating negative value (0) gauges correctly.

  • Version Update: 9.3.3
  • 04/22/18 - Young King Mickey B's gauge clearing ability is now active! Plus! New Keyblade Boosters are now available, along with a fancy new booster panel (to make way for labels~)

  • Version Update: 9.2.2
  • 04/14/18 - Fixed error with SP Gauge 0 skills not affecting medal's SP usage in calculation results.

  • Version Update: 9.1.2
  • 04/13/18 - Flipped Spirit and Friend Slot positions to allow for a visually better and natural order flow. (Honestly, the original order was due to me rushing to get Spirit slots released as soon as possible, and at the time I had to redraw the Spirit ornament for it to be flipped to fit the layout. My apologies for the delay!)

  • Version Update: 9.1.1
  • 04/09/18 - Sort/Filter updates! Filter medal searches by buff/debuff abilities, plus other abilities such as Copy, Restore Gauges, Ignore Attributes and more!
  • 04/09/18 - Fixed error with empty searches crashing site.

  • Version Update: 9.0.1
  • 04/08/18 - Added pagination to user albums. Enabled Sort/Filter for User Album searches in the Damage Calculator. (AKA, you can now load other user album medals in the damage calculator to quickly help with deck building)

  • Version Update: 8.1.1
  • 04/02/18 - Introduced new layouts to public and private Albums. Fixed errors with skills not clearing properly when editing in damage calculator.
  • 04/02/18 - The real new feature! Power-up integrations! Medals with SP, SP ATK, & Slot related power-ups will be automatically calculated! Other power-up medals will have dedicated Min/Max Toggles that stick throughout calculations! Guilt Boost and Special Attacks now have breakdowns in result details! New UI updates for result details too! (Powerup Research to be posted & credited soon)

  • Version Update: 7.9.1
  • 04/01/18 - New Feature! You can now upload game screenshots of your keyblade setups to automatically load medals into calculator! Edit: April Fools!

  • Version Update: 7.8.1
  • 03/13/18 - Fixed error with Boosters not activating in calculations due to a previous update.

  • Version Update: 7.7.1
  • 03/10/18 - Fixed error where AVG enemy setting was treating all medals as Ignore Attribute medals when averaging buffs! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Version Update: 7.6.1
  • 03/06/18 - Increased Album capacity to 400.
  • 03/06/18 - Fixed error with skills not being removed from calculations when cleared from medal stats.
  • 03/06/18 - Fixed error with Ignore Attribute medals not averaging PSM buffs under AVG enemy setting.

  • Version Update: 7.4.1
  • 02/24/18 - Fixed method error where 15% guilt increases were maxing to 30%. Guilt increases are no longer treated as capped increases, but ceiling increases.

  • Version Update: 7.1.1
  • 02/22/18 - Added support for Final Fantasy Booster. Added Guilt Boost Values to Medal View panel.
  • 02/22/18 - Retired Missing Friend Stat Data Submissions. Opened Missing Keyblade Slot Data submissions. Introduced AVG enemy type in calculations. Other MISC UI updates and error fixes.

  • Version Update: 6.5.2
  • 02/17/18 - Fixed errors with public Albums not displaying traits / skills correctly between medals.

  • Version Update: 6.3.2
  • 02/13/18 - Added support for Multiple Character Valentine's Booster.
  • 02/13/18 - New Feature! You can now swap between different stats in the damage calculator! One view will show keyblade slot stats, while the other will show the medal stats for guilt, traits and skills! PLUS! You can now download a screenshot of your setup with a single click! Edit: Fixed a bug with unwarranted skill labels showing up.

  • Version Update: 6.1.0
  • 02/12/18 - Fixed error with FB freezing up when prompted to log in.

  • Version Update: 6.0.0
  • 02/08/18 - New Feature: KHUXTracker now has a native login system. You can register for a KHUXTracker account with a username/password OR with Facebook.

  • Version Update: 5.4.3
  • 01/25/18 - Fixed errors with limited attack duration buffs (ex: HD Larxene, DuckTales, etc.) expiring too early.
  • 01/25/18 - Added support to search algorithms for medal nicknames (KEX, iBnB, Tieri, etc).
  • 01/25/18 - Fixed an error with Saved Decks not loading 1st slot.
  • 01/25/18 - Added support for UpVerse Defense Down Boosts.

  • Version Update: 5.1.2
  • 01/17/18 - Fixed an error with Launchpad medal thinking he was a copy cat medal. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • Version Update: 5.0.2
  • 01/12/18 - Launched new responsive layout. Added support for TWEWY Boosters.

  • Version Update: 4.8.2
  • 01/11/18 - Fixed an error with scripts locking up when Facebook is being blocked.

  • Version Update: 4.7.2
  • 01/05/18 - Added support for new boosters.
  • 01/05/18 - Added support for Guilt Increase abilities and +2000 Boosted medals.

  • Version Update: 4.5.1
  • 12/29/17 - Fixed error with correct boosters not applying to copy medals.

  • Version Update: 4.4.1
  • 12/18/17 - Fixed minor error with booster sliders not working. Minor style updates.
  • 12/18/17 - Fixed error with Raid Traits bonus remaining with medal calculations after removal.
  • 12/18/17 - Minor fix for an error with UpVerse attack boosts and slot multipliers.

  • Version Update: 4.1.0
  • 12/16/17 - Added Spirit Ranks up to level 7.

  • Version Update: 4.0.0
  • 12/15/17 - New Feature: JP Mode is here! You can now select which mode you want to use for KHUXTracker and it will automatically filter Global / EN and JP Medals and settings for you - including active boosters! JP Mode will also let you search for medals by the romanization of JP Medal names (like Rokusasu for Roxas). PLUS! When you come across a JP or EN exclusive medal, there will now be a notice at the top of the medal view panel.

  • Version Update: 3.4.4
  • 12/04/17 - As they become available, KHUX Tracker will be integrating links to medal analysis articles from KhuxNation.com! Click the purple 'Medal Analysis' button in the medal view panel to read about in-depth usage and strategies!

  • Version Update: 3.3.2
  • 11/24/17 - Added Buff / Debuff breakdowns for medal views.

  • Version Update: 3.3.0
  • 11/23/17 - Fixed errors with UpVerse Attack Boosts not applying to Reverse copy medals.

  • Version Update: 3.2.0
  • 11/13/17 - Fixed errors with duplicating optimization results.

  • Version Update: 3.1.0
  • 11/12/17 - New Feature! You can now optimize your Keyblade Slots in the Damage Calculator from medals in your Album with ONE CLICK! Click Here to learn more!
  • 11/12/17 - Added Boosters to calculation options on Damage Calculator. These settings will save to your account just like your keyblades and spirit rank!
  • 11/12/17 - General updates: Added Raid Boss to enemy options for Damage Calculator. Added commas to Damage Calculator results. Retired Custom Medals (for now).

  • Version Update: 2.42.77
  • 11/07/17 - Added Medal's Special Attack to Edit Panel.

  • Version Update: 2.41.77
  • 11/02/17 - Fixed error with User Albums not showing publicly.

  • Version Update: 2.41.76
  • 10/30/17 - New UpVerse Boosts added to mechanics, plus general style updates.

  • Version Update: 2.40.74
  • 10/21/17 - Added Clear Album option to Album page.

  • Version Update: 2.39.71
  • 10/05/17 - New Missing Ache and Fairy Stars keyblades are live! Plus, keyblade levels 35+ are now available!

  • Version Update: 2.38.67
  • 09/28/17 - Fixed errors with Copy Medals skipping Spirit slot.
  • 09/28/17 - Spirit / Pet Slot is now available in the Damage Calculator! Be sure to submit any errors through our bug report form if you find any issues with the new slot calculations!
  • 09/28/17 - You can now see the Friend and Spirit / Pet slot multipliers being applied to the slot and medal strength.
  • 09/28/17 - Several style and graphic updates - be sure to check the menu to make sure you're seeing the most up-to-date release version!

  • Version Update: 1.36.66
  • 09/26/17 - Fixed errors with 3rd Traits not saving.
  • 09/26/17 - Fixed errors with Keyblade slots for lower level transitions.
  • 09/26/17 - Fixed errors with Quick Skill Select.

  • Version Update: 1.33.65
  • 09/20/17 - Fixed errors with Trigger Ability medals.

  • Version Update: 1.32.64
  • 09/19/17 - Fixed errors with Friend Slot multipliers.

  • Version Update: 1.30.64
  • 09/18/17 - New Feature: A new method has been introduced to the Damage Calculator! This has been a highly requested feature that allows for Defense Down to be taken into account for calculations. While defense down calculations have not been confirmed, this method can be useful in certain situations to help compare your setups. Please be sure to read the Methods Page to fully understand how to use this method.
  • 09/18/17 - The Raw Damage method has been retired, reasons explained on the Methods Page.
  • 09/18/17 - Modified damage results table for new feature updates.
  • 09/18/17 - Fixed Album trait errors.

  • Version Update: 1.28.56
  • 08/21/17 - New Feature: Damage Calculations will now show the SP Cost and Damage Per Cost values for each medal and the total deck!

  • Version Update: 1.24.47
  • 08/03/17 - We're out of Beta! Welcome to the true name-sake version of KHUXTracker.com!
  • 08/03/17 - You can now save medals to your own Album when you login with Facebook. You can save medals from the Medal Directory or even after you've modified medals in the Damage Calculator.
  • 08/03/17 - Album medals are given an Album Damage Value - a watered down version of the damage algorithm so that you can comparably rank your medals in your album. The album is also a great way to keep track and sort by skills and traits.
  • 08/03/17 - The fourth tab in the Damage Calculator's Search pop-up has now been updated to allow you to search and add medals from your album!
  • 08/03/17 - A new Quick Select Skill feature has been added when editing medals. This makes it easy to quickly select the skill you need to assign the medal.
  • 08/03/17 - Once you've added medals to your Album, you can easily share your collection publicly by choosing a username and grabbing a share link through your Album.
  • 08/03/17 - If you're logged in, the Damage Calculator will now remember which levels you assigned your keyblades during your last calculation!
  • 08/03/17 - There are a lot of updates today and more to come! If you find any errors with the site, please submit an error report through the menu!

  • Version Update: 0.16.37
  • 06/10/17 - You can now see the Max Medal Damage per Hit when calculating your damage.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed error with the skill toggle turning off attribute boosts in the results.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed error with Ignore Attribute medals not inheriting attribute boost relative to enemy attribute.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed error with Total Guilt Damage not updating when Special Attack Dots are changed.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed error with Clearing Searches on Medal Directory page.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed error with Suggest a Relationship Pop-Up Close button not closing Pop-Up.
  • 06/10/17 - Fixed other minor errors and styles.

  • Version Update: 0.15.34
  • 05/31/17 - After many requests, KHUX Tracker now has a Discord! Feel free to join to discuss content and updates, suggest methods, and brainstorm new ideas for new features on this site.
  • 05/31/17 - Minor error fixes and style updates.

  • Version Update: 0.14.31
  • 05/25/17 - Fenrir Keyblade has been added! Be sure to do a hard refresh on the site if you're not seeing the latest release version in the menu. We're also seeking Friend Medal data on the Missing Data Page!

  • Version Update: 0.14.29
  • 05/18/17 - Added as a request, you can now quickly apply search filters based on Proud Mode restrictions! When searching in the calculator or in the medal directory, click on the Sort button to access the new filter. Happy filtering!

  • Version Update: 0.13.29
  • 05/15/17 - Fixed recent errors with calculator not accounting for slot multipliers. (Kinda important, yo!)

  • Version Update: 0.10.26
  • 05/14/17 - New Feature! Now you see or suggest similar medals when you view on a medal from the search results. This is helpful when trying to quickly find a medal of a similar strength or ability of another medal you may not have yet. This feature is going to require a lot of crowd sourcing to become fully equipped, but more entries will be added every day! error report if there are any issues!
  • 05/14/17 - New Feature! You can now search the medal database without having to use the calculator. Visit 'Medals' from the Menu to access the medal page!
  • 05/14/17 - To help with load time, all search results are now limited to 20 medal pagination and are equipped with a 'Load More' button.
  • 05/14/17 - Fixed errors with Dragging Medals on Desktop when below the fold.
  • 05/14/17 - Minor errors were fixed and new styles were added - be sure to clear your cache!

  • Version Update: 0.9.23
  • 05/02/17 - After a short absence, the new HSC medals are finally live, including HD Namine and her new ability to copy a medal's special attack! This new feature is under beta testing, so be sure to submit an error report if there are any issues!

  • Version Update: 0.8.19
  • 04/11/17 - Just in time for the HSC, the new Union [Cross] traits are now live! In this case, only 3 traits affect the calculations for attack damage: -40% Extra Attack, +40% Raid Boss, and STR +1000 traits. This feature is available when editing a medal and is under beta testing, so be sure to submit an error report if there are any issues!

  • Version Update: 0.7.17
  • 04/07/17 - Increase Buff Cap to 7 tiers - as per Union [Cross] Update.
  • 04/07/17 - Fixed Calculation Errors for Medals with Fixed Damage.

  • Version Update: 0.6.12
  • 03/23/17 - Fixed Medal Errors.
  • 03/23/17 - Counterpoint Keyblade has been added! Be sure to do a hard refresh on the site if you're not seeing the latest release version in the menu.
  • 03/23/17 - Other general style fixes.

  • Version Update: 0.6.9
  • 03/20/17 - Pooh Bear medal has been added! From now on, all new medal releases will be announced in their own section at the top of this page. If you're having problems seeing new medal images, be sure to refresh your cache.
  • 03/20/17 - All contact forms have now removed the requirement for email so anonymous information can be submitted in all areas of the website!

  • Version Update: 0.6.7
  • 03/14/17 - Now Testing: Shared Keyblade Setups! Click on 'Save Deck' Button to generate a share link for your deck to view later! This feature is also under beta testing, but also a good tool to use when sending in error reports.

  • Version Update: 0.4.6
  • 03/13/17 - Xaldin B and Illustrated Belle & Beast medals have been added!

  • Version Update: 0.4.5
  • 03/11/17 - Missing Data lists and Methods pages have been added to the site!
  • 03/11/17 - Fixed errors with Boosted sum in calculations.
  • 03/11/17 - Expanded 'Remove' drop area. / Other general style fixes

  • Version Update: 0.3.4
  • 03/10/17 - Still collecting data on Key Art #4, but new medals are uploaded to the Tracker!

  • Version Update: 0.3.3
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with "Ignores Attributes" & "No Attributes" calculations
  • 03/08/17 - Added Attribute Bonus Color Scheme.
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with Lady Luck and Olympia Multiplier Stats
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with Attack Boost IV calculations
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with Attack Buffs Proc-ing when Special Attacks are turned Off.
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with Attribute/General Boost calculations for Empty Slots
  • 03/08/17 - Added Break Down of Attribute/General Boosts.
  • 03/08/17 - Fixed errors with Guilt percentage calculations.

  • Version Update: 0.2.2
  • 03/07/17 - Increased Keyblade Levels to +35

  • Version Update: 0.1.1
  • 03/06/17 - Fixed missing medal data and keyblade slot errors; styling issues.

The World Ends With You
Value: 813312

Slot 1: HD Ventus [EX]
Medal Strength
General Attack Boost Total
Modified Strength 2574
Enemy Defense 2574
General Defense Total
Trait: -60% Defense Trait 0.4
Modified Defense
Total Attack
Spirit PSM Boost
PSM Attack Boost Total
PSM Defense Down Total
PSM Bonus
UR Attack Boost Total
UR Defense Total
Total PSMUR Boost
  Min Special Attack
  Power-up Condition
  Max Special Attack
  Total Boosters
Guilt Boost Total
  Total Guilt Percentage
Total Special Attack
Trait: +40% in Raids 1.4
Trait: -40% Extra Attack 0.4
SP Cost:7
SP Left:10
DMG / Cost:13,812
DMG / Hit:32,228
Medal Damage:52,048
Total SP Cost
Total DMG / Cost
No Trait

Slot 1 Optimization

#1: Illustrated Goofy
Total Damage: 50,032,045

x 1.20
x 1.20
x 1.00
x 1.00

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6 Star
7 Star
KH Sora A
LVL 1 Strength
LVL Max Strength
x 3222
x 3222
Use Min or Max Multiplier:
Total Slot Strength:
x 3222
Total Guilted Special:
x 3222
Use Special Attack in Calculations:
Special Attack On
Use Extra Attack in Calculations:
Extra Attack On
Hits Tier SP Target Traits

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Attack Boost
Attack Up
Defense Boost
AB All
Guard Up
AU Whl
SP Gauge
No Cost
No Cost
Ab. Free
Ab. Free
Second Chance
Last Leave
Status Effects
Nightmare Stun
(+) Plus
(+) EX
(II) Two

Copy New Medal To Album
Delete Medal From Album
6 Star
7 Star
KH Sora A
Note: This is a JP exclusive medal:
Deals 6 Hits
LVL 1 Strength
LVL Max Strength
Level 100/100
Guilt 0%
Skill None
Traits None
Max Guilt Special
+ Guilt Increase
+ Boosters

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"What If" Optimization:

Select the options below to apply psuedo statistics to your album medals during optimization. This will allow you to find the best medal under the condition, for example, if all of your medals were 7* rarity, or guilted, etc.

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All 7* Rarities
Max Guilted & Leveled

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Please follow the instructions below to describe the relationship. When submitting a relationship between similar medals, it's helpful to describe it so it makes sense from both perspectives of each medal. Once submitted, your descriptions will be posted after being reviewed. Thank you for your input!

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Describe how the medals are similar:

For Example: Ariel & Flounder and Sebastian
"Same buff effect, but A&F has a lower gauge (3) and higher strength and special attack."

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